Faith Like a Child

I am super envious of my children right now. Let me tell you why.

Yesterday, I was reclining on the couch reading a blog article on my phone when Elisha ran over to me and proceeded to climb up on me, nuzzle his way up on my chest and come in for some all intrusive, “I don’t care what you’re doing right now, I am the most important”, cuddles. It of course made me smile.

My kids do this to me all day long. It doesn’t matter if I’m having a conversations with someone, cooking dinner, washing the dishes, (trying) taking a break…whatever it is they want they belt it at me with all of their might until I drop what I’m doing and give them my undivided attention.

Most of the time, this frustrates me and I lose my cool and yell or rebuke them and occasionally handle it with grace and use it as an opportunity to teach them patience and manners.

So why am I envious of them you ask?

I wish, with every fiber of my being, that the confidence that they have, to presume upon my time, attention and affection, I shared with them for my (heavenly) Father.

Most of the time I’m frustrated with them for interrupting me once again and thinking that the world revolves around them but they just keep coming! Because they are sure that my world does in fact revolve around them! They are sure that I love them, even if I do get frustrated and irritated, they come back for more because it is their natural instinct to presume upon me for love, attention, time, energy, comfort, affection – whatever it is that their little bodies and hearts are telling them that they need.

But the Lord, He doesn’t get frustrated or irritated EVER when we presume upon His goodness. It is His greatest joy to lavish His kindness upon us. He wants us to presume upon Him every single time we are in need. He knows our frame. He knows our tendency to forget what He’s done for us and what He has promised to do for us and to lose hope. He knows that we are completely reliant upon Him for joy, peace, love, strength, rest, comfort…etc. That was His arrangement from the beginning, that we would need Him and run to Him in our time of need.

But I just don’t do that. I think I probably assume that He will react the way I react when my kids “bother” me. They keep coming back because they have goldfish memories and because they are sure that I love them. But I mean, I wouldn’t keep coming back to me?! And I think in my heart I believe that He is irritated with me, that I’m some kind of nuisance to Him, that He is irritated by my neediness.

But that’s not the case at all. He is good. He is longsuffering. He is patient. He is tender. He is loving. He is not easily frustrated. He is not easily angered. He is kind. He is the best.

If I could just have that same confidence and assurance that my kids have with me with the Lord, if I could just believe that it was a right that I had by being adopted into the family of God to presume upon His goodness…ugh…my life would be so.much.better.

Moral of this story? 2 fold.

  1. I want to be presumptuous with the Lord. Believe that He LOVES to love me and care for me through every single season of my soul.
  2. I want to be more Christ like in my response to my children. Lord grant me patience and gentleness in the way that I love and care for my own. Make me more like YOU!

I need this reality in my life right now. We all do.

“If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!” (Matthew 7:11)

“Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you.” (Isaiah 49:15)

**I know this isn’t an update about the practical things of life right now but it is what is happening in my heart so I hope you don’t mind my epiphanies making their way onto this blog every once in a while.**


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  1. I love your epiphanies. And a few days later I read a very similar thing in a parenting book I got from the library, albeit minus the connection with God 🙂

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